Reynoldsburg Animal Hospital is a small animal clinic in a suburb east of Columbus and has been in business for over 40 years. We are dedicated to providing you and your pets the most modern, up-to-date medicine at an affordable price. Our doctors are highly skilled and well-educated veterinarians that can assist your animals in areas such as general and orthopedic surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, allergies and infectious diseases as well as performing routine wellness visits and vaccinations. The doctors and technicians are constantly improving themselves through frequent continuing education courses in order to stay on the leading edge of veterinary medicine. Our well-trained support staff is dedicated to providing a caring, helpful environment so that you will feel comfortable with your visit to our hospital.

Recent Patient Photos

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What Our Clients Say

The care that Dr. Tonne and staff provide to my cats and dogs is incredible!  Dr. Tonne truly cares about the animals and presents things in a way that I can understand. I drive 2 hours each way to see Dr. Tonne and staff, and it's worth every minute!

Jim L.

I had been using another vet for years when I was told about RAH. I took my dog to Dr. Jill and instantly fell in love. I have never had a vet care more deeply for an animal ( and her human). Dr. Jill took the time to get to know me and my dog and provided care right up to the time that she came in on her day off to put my dog down when her cancer got the better of her. The folks at RAH were great and spent a lot of time with myself and family during that tough time. I will never as long as I have animals go to any other vet. I could go on forever singing praise for this vet but actions speak louder than words you have got to give them a try.

Jane D.

Have been bringing all my pets here for 20yrs the have great quality of care and fair prices. When we had to have our bulldog put down when he was 9 they didn't even charge us since we had always brought him there.

Sydney T.