Reynoldsburg Animal Hospital is a small animal clinic in a suburb east of Columbus and has been in business for over 40 years. We are dedicated to providing you and your pets the most modern, up-to-date medicine at an affordable price. Our doctors are highly skilled and well-educated veterinarians that can assist your animals in areas such as general and orthopedic surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, allergies and infectious diseases as well as performing routine wellness visits and vaccinations. The doctors and technicians are constantly improving themselves through frequent continuing education courses in order to stay on the leading edge of veterinary medicine. Our well-trained support staff is dedicated to providing a caring, helpful environment so that you will feel comfortable with your visit to our hospital.

Since there have been several media reports about the Canine Influenza Virus(Dog Flu) and what should be done, I decided to reach out to Ohio State Veterinary Hospital as well as several veterinary immunologists and internal medicine specialists via the Veterinary Information Network to see what whether we should change our recommendations. It turns out that the experts recommendations are the same as ours. These recommendations are: all dogs who are going to be visiting the Chicago area, Georgia, Florida and Texas should consider getting vaccinated, especially if you intend to take your dogs to dog shows, doggy daycare, boarding kennels, dog school or any place where there will be many dogs. The virus is spread by direct dog to dog contact through respiratory secretions. So keep your dog safe while visiting these regions but avoid those areas where there will be many dogs. As for Ohio, although we have experienced some isolated cases, there has not been an outbreak in Ohio as of yet therefore routine vaccination of all dogs in Ohio is not recommended. There are several concerns about the current flu vaccine as is the experts are not sure the vaccine is effective against the current strain affecting dogs this year. Think about the human flu vaccine and that the virus mutates or changes every year requiring the drug companies to make a new vaccine every year. The current flu vaccine for dogs was created last year against last years strain and the strain from 2015. The second concern about the vaccine is its cost. To vaccinate your dog will require 2 shots 3 weeks apart at a cost of around $150-200 per dog which is not insignificant. Due to the cost of the vaccine and the uncommon usage, we are not keeping the vaccine in-hospital but will order it fresh when the needs arise, normally arriving at our office within one or two days of us calling in the order. Ohio State Veterinary Hospital also has a very limited supply and many area vets that I have spoken to are not ordering until the need arises. This will necessitate planning on pet owners part if they need to get their dogs vaccinated. According to the company making the vaccine as well as other veterinary experts, dogs will not be immune until 10-14 days after the second shot. This means that it will take roughly one month from the time you decide to vaccinate until your dog is protected.....assuming the vaccine is even effective. Obviously, since the disease is changing and areas that are considered safe may not be in the future, our recommendations will change with any additional outbreaks. If we make changes, I will post them here. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office and ask to speak with one of our vets who will be happy to speak with you or call you back once they are through with appointments.

Dr Tonne
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